Your carpet and rug play an integral role in each home in the United States, both aesthetically and functionally. This is the reason why many homeowners prefer to install carpet and put decorated rugs and their floor. But just because they have high functionality does not mean that they are efficient on themselves; their beauty needs regular maintenance. The very efficient way to take care of your carpet is to call professional services that are reliable and legitimate, which you can find here  

But have you ever wondered how these professional services clean your carpet in a very effective way? Sure, some homeowners have tried to clean them as regular maintenance through a vacuum cleaner or dab some clothes on it after putting on some cleaning solutions whenever they spill coffee on it. Professionals, however, do more than these. Here, you will find out how.  

1.Steaming Method of Cleaning 

Steam carpet cleaning, also known as hot water extraction cleaning, is one of the common methods that is typically used by cleaning services. With this method, high pressurized water is used to convulse the carpet fibers in order to remove and dissolve the dust, dirt, and grime in the carpet.  

This method involves using a natural cleaning agent with a brush to get rid of different stains and dirt on the carpet. The cleaning solution is left within an hour before washing the carpet with hot water.  

2.Encapsulation Method 

This method, also known as a dry-cleaning method, does not use water in the cleaning process and is known as a way to conserve water.  

This involves the application of encapsulation chemical onto the carpet before scrubbing is using a rotary brush machine or a cylindrical tool. The chemical is effective in removing soil particles and other stains that have harbored deep inside the carpet’s fibers.  

A vacuum is then used after applying the chemicals to get rid of other dirt and the chemical’s residue.  

3.Shampoo Method 

A shampoo cleaning method is also one of the common cleaning methods used aside from steaming. It is also effective in removing all dust, dirt, grime, and other difficult stains from the carpet.  

This involves applying a cleaning shampoo before scrubbing it using a moisture brush, which creates the foam that attracts all the dirt, soil, and dust away from the carpet fibers. After the brushing is the extraction of these dirt and shampoo residue through a vacuum. 

4.Bonnet Method 

This method is used by many professionals to effectively absorb grime, soil, and dust from the upper layer of the carpet using a cutting-edge machine. This machine is high-moisturized equipment with an absorbent pad dipped in a cleaning agent used to spruce up the upper surface of the carpet and its fibers.  

It also uses a cleaning solution mixed with carbonated water that is sprayed over the carpet. After this, they attach the absorbent pad with the machine to remove all the dirt, soil, and grime.  

This method is used in different hotels as this removes the stains quickly and efficiently without having to disturb all the guests and clients.